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Hello! I'm George, a professional actor and musician from a small, little Yorkshire town called Penistone. Here's a whistle-stop tour of what I do for a living:

In 2018, I graduated from Guildford School of Acting with a BA (Hons) Degree in Acting, training in both stage and screen.  I have also been fortunate enough to have performed at The Globe and toured twice with the Young Shakespeare Company in 'Macbeth' (2018) and 'Romeo & Juliet' (2019). I played Scott in 'Steal Suffering' which fortunately had its London premiere just before COVID hit, back in February 2020. Then in April 2022, I finished touring 'Ruby and the Vinyl' with The John Godber Company playing the role of Tom. I am currently the voice of Royal Mail's winter campaign that is streaming across Spotify. In January 2023, I played the role of Les in The John Godber Company's tour of Bouncers until April 2023.


I became a professional musician with my first gig in Wakefield at the age of 15 and since then, I have been privileged enough to go on to play in bars and restaurants in some of the greatest places on Earth, such as New York, Paris and Yorkshire. I regularly gig at venues across London including the Four Seasons Hotel, The Dorchester Hotel and a number of Browns Brasserie and Bar restaurants.

In 2021, I, very proudly, built my own home studio and do a lot of my voiceover work from there, along with going in-house to recording studios across the UK.  Nicknamed 'The Studio Under The Stairs,' I've recorded commercials and audiobooks for companies such as Royal Mail, NHS, Ocado and Audible from my little studio at home!


I'm lucky enough to be represented by four incredible agents:


For acting, please contact the incredibly, wonderful

Drew Dillon of Simon and How


For voice-over work, please contact the truly-awesome-Queen-of-voice

Emily Dean of Voicefox

For music work, please contact the internationally-renound

Gary Parkes Music Limited or SundaySoulLounge


Contact details at the bottom of my website...




Below is a selection of videos showcasing my music. I have over 10 years experience specialising in performing at high-end restaurant/bars/hotels where the aim is to ambiance and atmosphere to the venue. If you'd like to book me or availability check, please scroll to the Contact area at the bottom of this website and send me an email.


Below is also my 2022 Complete Song List. There's roughly about 100 songs on here which equates 4 hours worth of playing time. Please note, this list is constantly being updated with new songs added regularly.

Complete Song List (2022)




The 99 Second Playlist is a project that I created directly in response to the COVID-pandemic. When live music and theatre was banned, I immediately wanted to create something that would provide work for musicians/artists. Therefore, two days after the Prime Minister announced theatres and live music venues had to close, I started trialling Season 1 of 'The 99 Second Playlist.’


One video every week. The catch? Every single video must be EXACTLY 99 seconds.


Not only is this quite a challenge for musicians, but in a world where people flick through social media feeds so quickly, you’ve got a very limited amount of time to capture someone’s attention. The goal is to create projects that musicians and audiences can enjoy in equal measure.

The 99 Second Playlist (Introduction)
Just The Two of Us - Charlie Beaven & Jamie Sandersfield (The 99 Second Playlist)
Places We Won't Walk - George Reid (The 99 Second Playlist)
Bee Gees vs Jamiroquai MASHUP! (The 99 Second Playlist)
I Will Survive - FUNK Quartet (The 99 Second Playlist)
I Can't Make You Love Me - Samuel Reid (The 99 Second Playlist)
Take Me Home, Country Roads - Bradley Johnson (The 99 Second Playlist)
Think About Things - Frankie Henry & The Band (The 99 Second Playlist)
At Last - Georgie Harrison (The 99 Second Playlist)

During the third UK lockdown, I spent weeks turning a little 'Harry Potter room under the stairs' into a professional recording studio, which is now the base where I do all my voiceover/music work. I'm super proud to be represented by the wonderful Emily Dean of Voicefox.

'The Studio Under The Stairs'  is equipped with:


Microphones:   Shure SM7B and Rode NT2-A

Headphones:   Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro Studio Headphones

Interface:        Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 

DAW:                 Logic Pro 

Voicefox Website

Commercial Demo
Documentary Demo
Narration Demo
Gaming Demo


Screenshot 2020-12-01 at 18.04.49.png





I'm delighted to be partnering with an events company to offer

'Gin Tasting and The Live Jukebox' for corporate/business. If you'd like to enquire about this event for your company, please get in contact:






Acting Agent


Voiceover Agent

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